Car Shades

Chromadek & Tarpaulin Car Shades

Backed by decades of experience in the outdoor shade industry, we are proud to provide beautiful shade structures in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. From shades for commercial properties to shades for residential properties, we have the designs you’re seeking. So when you’re looking for just the right shade for either your home or office, come to us. Our extensive catalogue includes protective structures of all kinds, able to shield you from UV rays as well as inclement weather.


For that solid look to your car parking space, we provide corrugated iron roof shades from Chromadek. Protect your vehicles from rain and extreme sun, through your choice of strong car parking shades, whether you pick a metal car parking shade or our standard tensile fabric model. Each shade is made to provide maximum coverage in your choice of styles.


Venetian Champions specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing a wide selection of tarpaulin shades. These are ideal for low-cost vehicle parking shade solutions. We have installed our shades in various location types such as commercial and residential properties, with the same high-quality standard that we have become known for. Visit us to select a design that would suit your valuable vehicles.